“I Promise Me INSPIRES and CHALLENGES young girls to see themselves in a different light in a very fun and simple way that is easy to digest and follow along. It addresses every young girl growing up in a ungodly world who needs to be reminded of how God sees her which is totally different than the world and its ungodly influences. Our young generation of girls need to read I Promise Me! It's a great read!! I highly recommend this book!”

- Cheryl K -Germantown, MD

“Chantelle Cotton is truly on to something here. Her book "I Promise Me" really speaks to how girls and women should love themselves the way that God loves them, which will allow them to make wiser decisions. She talks about knowing WHO and WHOSE you are in world that tells you that you're not enough. This is an incredible read and it should be read by every young girl. Thank you, Chantelle for reminding us that we are valuable and worth so much more!”

- D. Parker -Atlanta, GA

“I Promise Me is a great read for fathers of all ages who want the best for their princess and future queens.“

- J.P. -Philadelphia, PA

“As a father to be, I recommend all fathers to take some time to read this book. It will give you a different perspective on how to build a better relationship with your daughters.“

- David-Atlanta, GA

"Becoming a parent as a teen was traumatizing for me but it was my reality. My reasons for even giving myself to a young boy was me looking for love and validation in the wrong place.
I was ashamed to go to school, family functions an even continue in sports. Because of the shame I felt like I didn't have anyone to talk to. Although I knew I wasn't the first to become a mother as a teen I felt as though I was. I felt like I was alone.
I wish I had access to self-empowering books like I Promise Me to help guide me through those dark times and realize that I wasn't alone. l wish there were more inspirational women like Chantelle Cotton to help young girls like myself avoid teenage pregnancy. One of the differences between this book and other self-help books is that the author can actually relate to me and understands overcoming the stereotypes of being a teenage mother. My daughter is now 19 years old and this book was a great read for us both. "

- Haja Fofana - Maryland